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About Peace Under Pressure

Hello! Do you want to know what we do?


Having the proper support system is important while growing and learning. However, learning how to be your own cheerleader to strive and accomplish your dreams and goals is even more important. Here with Peace Under Pressure, we will show you how to be your first form of contact for motivation.


We strive to help you gain the support that is needed to have a new outlook on one’s past, to head in the direction of a more identifiable future.


Through suggested books, as well as a workbook created by Peace Under Pressure to guide women through the process of becoming the best versions of themselves.

Promate Physical health

Well-rounded strength is very necessary to stay strong. Staying physically active places you in touch with your body. And exercise release endorphins!

Promote Mental health

Shaping one’s mind from how you used to be, to become who you would like to be, to realizing who you have always been. A journey that is worth striving for and finishing strong.


A strong community is needed to stay motivate and goal-oriented. We collaborate to keep our community strong and growing.

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Our Programs

Support Groups

We want to foster a sense of community with women who are overcoming similar challenges and experience to be able to learn from each other in a therapeutic, compassionate, and supportive environment that promotes healing and strength.

Peace Under Pressure WorkBook

This workbook is full of events from the executive directors personal experience, quotes and questions that are intended to prompt an alternative view on things to promote a healthy healing process.

Mental and Physical wellness

We will be using many different activities to create a community while feeling good about oneself.

Book Club

Knowledge is power! The more you know the better you will feel. Some suggested books will be included in our membership to help contribute to our members’ healing and growth.

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